About us

PROCAM is a leader in development of complex production control systems in the manufacturing industry. Our systems are used by many well-known customers such as VW, Daimler and Airbus in Germany and abroad. The strength of our control systems is the built-in flexibility, so we can always customize our modular software.

Our history

PROCAM looks back to a long and succesful history.

2017 - Relocation

In 2017 PROCAM moved into new and modern office space, which allowed us to grow and provide in-house training.

2016 - 100 EMS Systems

Having celebrated its 35th Anniversary in 2016, PROCAM already looks back on a long and experience-filled history.

The 100th EMS system was installed at the beginning of 2016.

2009 - Release of the third generation of control technology EMS

In 2009 the third generation of the PROCAM control system, which is now available in version 7, is based on the latest client-server system architecture, and uses completely state-of-the-art databases. This means that many functions, which would have been unthinkable a few years ago, are currently possible.

1999 - Release of the second generation of control technology WINSC1

Before EMS control technology, the second generation of the PROCAM control software was distributed between 1999 and 2007. It consisted of the transport control system WINTST and the control computer WINSC1. By the introduction of Microsoft Windows, the possibilities of networking increased tremendously.

1981 - Company foundation, first generation of control technology

In 1981, the year PROCAM was founded, the first flexible manufacturing system was presented together with Fritz Werner Werkzeugmaschinen AG. This solution consisted of the transport control TST and a master computer SC1 based on MS-DOS.

Through the merger of Fritz Werner AG and Hermann Kolb to create Werner and Kolb Werkzeugmaschinen GmbH, more than 100 control technology systems were distributed in 1984 for a wide variety of plant configurations at home and abroad.

Back then, as now, the strength of PROCAM has been, and is, the proximity to its customers. With each installed system, the control technology developed further, so it is unsurprising that plants with the first generation of control technology are still operated by our customers.

Some members of our team

Jens Schiffelmann

Managing Director


Gregor Kolodenny

Head of Development, M. Sc.


Christoph Fehling

Software Developer, FAE


Chao Wang

Software Developer, Dipl.-Inf.


Marc Neumann

Software Developer, Dipl.-Inform.


Miguel Cholbi Collados

Software Developer, M. Sc.


Jana Seidel

Management Assistant


Thomas Gerlach

Software Developer, M. Sc.


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