Extendable Manufacturing System

EMS is the software for the control of flexible manufacturing centers and for the planning, managing and monitoring of production orders on NC machines. It provides all necessary features and functionalities for the control of existing and required tools, as well as for the management of underlying NC programs and their transmission to the machine for execution there.

EMS Function Diagram

Focus areas

Tool management

Tool management for an unlimited number of virtual and real tools, which visualizes the current positions and status data of all tools, in real time.

NC program management

NC program management for an unlimited number of programs. All programs are saved (automatic history), including their existing versions, and can be conveniently sent from the EMS to the machine or vice versa.

Order management

Order management with the possibility to manage work plans and production orders. Constant overview of production progress and necessary tool movements.

Pallet management

Pallet management for different pallet types as well (e.g. normal, heavy, long pallets or tool pallets). It contains the fully automatic and semi-automatic operating modes, and allows comfortable multi-sided machining.


The tracking tool displays the NC programs that are currently being processed and the current spindle position. It is possible to accurately track the next required tools in the machine.

Device control

Regardless of the manufacturer of a workpiece or tool carrier, we control your transport system with intelligent algorithms that contain many optimization options, also for your production system.

Focus on the operator

At PROCAM we attach great importance to the user-friendliness of our software. The software is constantly being further developed, and contains many practical functions.

The software is completely developed in Berlin, which ensures short communication lines for you, and means changes can be made quickly by us in all areas.

And just in case you need assistance, you will get reliable help from our 24/7 hotline.


Different plant configurations

EMS can be used as a controller for pallet, tool or part automation, and helps meet all requirements for your automation system.

Thus, the system takes over, among other things, the management of the individual workpieces, devices, pallets, grippers and production orders, and offers a perfect overview of the current state of the plant.

Pallet System

With pallet automation

Flexible manufacturing systems based on pallet automation have been distributed for more than 35 years. The systems can, in addition to any number of different workpiece pallets, optionally manage zero point clamping systems or material pallets

Tool System

With tool automation

Flexible manufacturing systems based on a tool automation, in which all tools are stored in a central magazine and automatically loaded by order into the tool machine.

Standalone System


Standalone machines, in which our core modules of Order, NC and Tool Management can be used.

Part System

With parts automation

The most recent systems, in which the workpiece itself instead of a workpiece carrier is loaded directly into a tool machine. Such systems can also be mixed with pallet automations.

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