Augusta is a web-based solution. In a modern user interface, it is providing the user with many helpful and useful functions for machine tools.

The Augusta server constantly communicates with the machine. It also acquires all information and saves these in a database. At the same time Augustra serves as a web server.

By means of the web-based display, the data can no longer only be seen at the machine and on set up Windows PCs, but on almost every device in the same network as the machine. This includes Smartphones, Tablets as well as display in the browser.

The following functions are available

01. Dashboard

The plant dashboard provides you with a broad overview on the machine and its states concerning place occupation, unloading processes or malfunctions.

02. Tool Magazin and Loading / Unloading lists

Live visualisation of all tools in the tool magazine as well as creation of tool loading and unloading lists based on the selected NC Programs.

Block 3

03. Machine status

Augusta automatically determines the machine’s state from the information received from it and the operation mode. At the same time it provides you with a graphical analysis on the previously selected period.

04. Live Alarms und TOP100

Clear overview of the most frequently occurring machine alarms with the respective reports.

Augusta can also be installed as an extension to an EMS system.

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